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These are very few tips in brief for starters:
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: Try to be as simple as possible. Use one background  color and the same font colors for all your sites and the same header, that can be achieved when you first design your homepage save it as index.htm (name always your start page as index.htm or index.html   e.g.  so you type on the address bar only to get the site.) and then save this as e.g. contactus.htm or aboutme.htm etc. and after that just change the content of each. Don't use a background color that used for a Font color, Link, Alink or Vlink (you can't see what's written)
Try to use tables in your site that doesn't expand more than 800 pixel in the width (that's means your basic design can be seen by someone who used a  800 x 600 pixel Screen area without scrolling in the width.)
Copy & Paste: If you want to copy a text just come with the mouse abovabout-1.gife it and then press the left mouse click and then while pressing move the mouse to the end of the text. now you will see  the text marked, now move the mouse above the text and click on the right mouse button selectabout-2.gif Copy or you can press Ctrl + C. To Copy an image just move your mouse above it and click the right mouse button and select Copy or if you want to save it to your PC select Save Picture As.. 
If you can't use the right mouse button  due to JavaScript, use your keyboard 
Ctrl + C= Copy, Ctrl + A= Select All, Ctrl + V= Paste.
Search engine: To allow the search engine to find your Homepage add a  meta tags to your page e.g.:
<meta name="Keywords" content="As Sudan, Sudan, Sudanese links, Sudanese best sites, Sudanese best sites, Sudanese websites, Sudanese search engine, Sudanese top 100, Sudanese online"><meta name="Description" content="As Sudan Top 100: Sudanese Top 100 "><meta name="Author" content="Kamal">

Sudan Vertex & Ya Sudan wish you success on the web.
The Web Master: Kamal